PingPong Open API
Here at PingPong we believe that the best way to create value for our customers is through openness and collaboration. A closed door has never helped anyone. This is why we have invested in API services to access our platform, enabling partners to enrich their and our services by means of a simple integration.
Today, we can already offer the following API services, which provide progressive detail of our customer accounts:

• Access Account Balance
• Access Statements
• Access Withdrawal Records
More API services will be made available in the near future.
Our APIs are built in Java, using the Spring framework for high scalability and robustness, and secured via IP whitelisting and SHA-256 hashing. To secure data transferred in our API and ensure maximum convenience for TPPs, we have applied the eIDAS framework, relying on qualified certificates for mutual identification and authentication during the process of establishing a secure communications channel using transaction layer security (TLS). The use of these qualified certificates according to PSD2 guidelines ensures independent, government assured trust in the identity of the communicating parties, enables a secure channel to be established between the authenticated parties and provides legally assured evidence of transaction data.
You can find our API documentation here.
In case of questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us via